Specialty Services

Facility and Accommodation Plans

gsi is now offering a corporate real estate service entitled “Facility and Accommodation Plans”. This service or plan is ideally suited to those clients who are considering alternatives to their current premises and/or occupancy arrangement.

The Facility and Accommodation Plans is best described as a “catch-all” report that identifies, quantifies and estimates the cost associated with various accommodation alternatives or scenarios. In each case, the conceptual accommodation alternatives consider the specific and unique needs of the organization. Elements of analysis may include:

1) A profile of the current situation

  • Profile of the current premises
  • Current space utilization and identification of any surplus space
  • Current and projected occupancy costs

2) Identification of future needs

  • Projected space requirement(s)
  • Facility attributes (specifications of the “ideal” facility)
  • Location requirements (staff commute considerations; client access)

3) Conceptual Accommodation Alternatives / Scenarios

  • Conceptual relocation alternatives may include: lease new “built-to-suit” facility, purchase existing premises, lease existing premises, build new facility, do nothing (status quo), etc… In each case, the cost associated with each accommodation alternative is quantified relative to any initial cash outlay and projected annual occupancy cost. Also included is an estimate of the cash influx resulting from the sale of the current premises (if any).
  • A current and retrospective survey of available premises/locations considered suitable to the client’s requirement(s) is also provided. This survey acts as a “real world” cross-check of the conceptual accommodation alternatives identified.
  • The overall risk and timing considerations for each accommodation alternative is also analyzed.

The consulting fee associated with the Facility and Accommodation Plans can vary depending on the Client’s grasp of current and future accommodation needs, as well as their preferred accommodation scenario (if any).