Tom Nelson

Tom Nelson

Senior Real Estate Analyst (BA, MA)


Tom has been with gsi Real Estate & Planning Advisors Inc. since 1991 as the firm's real estate and economic research analyst and property negotiator. He brings a creative and thorough approach to his work to provide gsi's clients with the best information and strategic recommendations possible.

Tom has considerable expertise in community profiling, economic and real estate trends analysis, property database management, valuation of contaminated properties, detailed research in support of real estate litigation (including title searches and detailed review of municipal council minutes and reports), strategic overview, and assists in co-ordinating gsi's "multiple appraisal" assignments such as for major road widenings, transportation initiatives, and utility corridors.


Real Estate & Economic Research Analyst & Property Negotiator: gsi Real
Estate & Planning Advisors Inc.

Ontario Expropriation Association (OEA)

Property Coordinator: Trimont Developments Ltd., 1987 to 1991

Assistant to numerous Members of Parliament