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Land Use Planning

Planning Policy Review

gsi‘s Planning Policy Review and Impact Assessment is designed to assess the impact that land use policies may have on the (re)development potential of a particular site.

This service/report is similar to gsi‘s Planning Due Diligence Review, but also includes a detailed profile of the physical elements of the subject site (frontage, topography, environmental features) and offers a profile of recent developments and corresponding approvals on comparable sites.

In those instances where the Ontario Land Tribunal was the ultimate approval authority, gsi provides a review of the OLT decision, highlighting the Tribunal member’s rationale for approving the proposed development.

gsi‘s Planning Policy Review and Impact Assessment is ideally suited to property owners or prospective purchasers interested in the development or alternative use potential of a particular site, and the risk associated with obtaining approval.

The Planning Policy Review and Impact Assessment can also assist prospective purchasers in their determination of the appropriate purchase price relative to the risk associated with the final development scheme.